Commercial Repairs

Why contact Auto Collision Solutions for your commercial auto repair and paint shop in Mount Vernon, Ohio?

If you are in charge of maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles in, please don’t hesitate to contact Rick or Dann at Auto Collision Solutions in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is imperative to choose a reliable and professional company that can perform repairs and painting on any damaged commercial trucks or cars. Auto Collision Solutions have been providing expert, professional, and affordable solutions for companies and individuals since 2005. Please consider these reasons to contact us today at Auto Collision Solutions for commercial auto repair and painting in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Any Commercial Vehicle Can Be Serviced

One of the main advantages of using Auto Collision Solutions for repairs and painting in Mount Vernon, Ohio is that any commercial vehicle can be serviced. The shop can handle just about anything. Business owners are not limited to just trucks and cars. Front-loading trucks and industrial vehicles can be painted or repaired as well. This allows Auto Collision Solutions to be a one-stop answer for all the needs of any commercial fleet of vehicles.

Comprehensive Color Matching

The color of different commercial vehicles sometimes matters greatly. The colors could be very important to the brand and identity of a business. Another reason to choose Auto Collision Solutions as the paint shop for commercial vehicles in Mount Vernon, Ohio is that comprehensive color matching is available. The shop can match the exact color of any vehicle paint even if it was custom created in the past. This allows repairs and detailing to be done seamlessly leaving the vehicle looking exactly as it was.

Trained & Experienced technicians

Auto Collision Solutions team of technicians are highly trained. The technicians working on the vehicles have the training and experience to be able to identify just about any problem with a vehicle. Whatever may have caused the structural damage to your vehicle, we can provide a full service repair. Please feel free to contact us today for your FREE estimate on a commercial vehicle repair or repaint.

Top Industry Certifications

Something to understand is that Auto Collision Solutions holds a number of top industry certifications. The business has been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. The shop holds a certification from Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, or I-CAR. The business also has Chief Frame certification. These industry certifications show that the business is following all best practices, has highly trained employees and is using the latest technology. This ensures all clients and vehicles receive the best service possible.