Our Measuring System

Why we use the Genesis Measuring System for every Auto Collision Repair & Paint Job.

When you have been involved in an auto collision, one of the first things you’ll probably look to do is to bring your vehicle to Auto Collision Solutions in Mount Vernon, Ohio. We are professionals at our craft and are more than dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle looks its best once it has been repaired and is back on the road. One of the main tools that we will use for your car is going to be the Genesis Measuring System. This measuring system is ideal for finding out what is wrong with the car and what needs to be repaired in order to get the car back to its original condition. This measuring system is precise and the best one out there!

When the Genesis Measuring System is used for auto collision repair, it is being used to detect the overall workings of the vehicle. The system is going to test things such as the suspension, the brakes and anything else that could have been damaged during the accident. These things will be automatically detected by the system, and our body shop will then know what has to be repaired. The system will again be used during repairs to make sure that things are going smoothly. Afterwards, the Genesis Measuring System will be used a final time to make sure that there are no longer problems with the car before it is returned to you.

We use Genesis Measuring System because we pride ourselves in making sure our measurements, estimates, and repairs are the most accurate possible results. Just doing a visual inspection on the car is not enough after a bad auto accident, and this is why the Genesis Measuring System is used by most professionals in the business.

Knowing that anything wrong with the car is going to be detected is a wonderful way to ensure that you are safe and confident while back on the road. Collisions can cause a ton of damage without you even knowing it, but the Genesis Measuring System is there to pick up on these problems so that they can be easily repaired for the car to work to its full extent and be safe for you to be driving out on the road. Rest assured the professionals at Auto Collision Solutions use the best measuring system to ensure you and your vehicle gets the TLC you both deserve.