Auto Insurance Repair Tips

Tips Your Automobile Insurance Company Won’t Tell You When You Need Body Repair

Car accidents happen every day. There are literally millions of drivers on the highways at any given time, many who are distracted by phone calls, bad weather, and sleepiness. When distractions happen, so do crashes. Even a minor fender bender can cause serious structural damage to the outside of your vehicle. Fenders and doors are often damaged the most in accidents.

While it is your insurance company’s job to help you get your car fixed and back on the road again, it is important to understand a few points when it comes to fixing your car.

Pick Your Own Body Shop

While many auto insurance companies will give referrals for the body shops they use, you are your own boss when it comes to choosing a body shop for your repairs. Some auto insurance companies recommend shops that have been known to cut corners so that they can quickly get cars in and out to increase their volume. These types of shops get in with companies because they offer low repair costs, but this results in sloppy repairs for customers. If your company recommends their shops to you, do your own research first by asking around on social media or visiting small business review websites to hear what previous customers have to say.

Avoid Aftermarket Parts in Your Vehicle

Talk to the body shop that you have picked about the replacement parts that will be used for your vehicle. Body shops use a variety of parts, such as new, used, and aftermarket. The difference is that used parts were made by the vehicle manufacturer and will work well as a replacement, but aftermarket parts are an imitation item that are usually made poorly. As a result, aftermarket parts can quickly corrode and rattle, causing the value of your car to decline.

Make Sure the Paint Matches

You have surely seen a car do down the road sporting body panels with colors that do not match. It can be difficult to match up a new body panel to the old one, and often you can see a huge difference in the shade. When it is time to pick up your vehicle from the body shop, ask the mechanic to point out the original panels and the ones that were painted. You will want to step back about ten feet from the car to really check for a difference in color. Additional paintwork may be necessary for a better match.

Check the Warning Lights

When you are in an accident, sometimes a few warning lights will automatically light up on the dashboard. The check engine light, airbag light and low coolant light are just a few that may be illuminated. When you head to the body shop to pick your car up, inspect your dashboard to make sure these lights are off if any were previously lit. If they are still on, then this may indicate that a particular electrical component needs to be replaced, or that the computer needs to be reprogrammed.

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